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Garden Walk at ASHA Centre

We had a slightly different Nurture in Nature walk today.

Instead of meeting in the forest, as usual, we met at the ASHA Centre, near Mitcheldean and wandered around their beautiful gardens.

What an unexpected delight to be able to go scrumping with the children!

We all filled our tummies with pears, plums, redcurrants, raspberries and took home a bundle of so many different varieties of apples! I can see some lovely crumbles being made over the coming days!

The children happily played pooh sticks in the stream and found the very affectionate resident kitty of the centre, who just lapped up all the attention the children gave him!

The highlight was possibly when the children discovered ASHA’s very own hobbit house. There was much discussion of elves and fairies who lived there...The children also spent a lot of time in imaginative play, inspired by the magical environment as well as running around and burning off some energy. We are sure they will all sleep well tonight.

A big thank you to ASHA Centre for kindly letting us use their magical space! We look forward to returning to ASHA on the 9th September for our Forest School Professional Networking Morning.

Nurture in Nature walks are FREE and run every Wednesday at 10am in the Forest of Dean. We would love you to join us.

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