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Yoga for Real Women

By Gemma Daffurn, Yoga Teacher

The idea for our Yoga for Women's Health Class came from a conversation I had with Charlie from @hareforestschool about how some yoga classes left us feeling a bit, well...meh.

Classes where nobody speaks to each other, classes where a skinny bendy woman says nonsensical phrases like 'shine your heart forward' whilst we all try and force our bodies into funny positions whilst side eyeing the woman next to us making it look easy.

We really wanted to create a different kind of class. Founded on connection and real well-being (not glossy Instagram wellbeing!) Where women can relax in a totally welcoming, non judgemental environment, where we can all have a bit of a giggle and a cuppa afterwards. A class where you can show up as you are, be guided (not 'taught') through a relaxing moment and breathwork practice and leave feeling a bit better than you arrived. Now, that's not too much to ask is it?

I absolutely love being able to make yoga accessible to all, especially people that think they hate yoga! There are so many different styles and teachers out there nowadays you just need to find one that fits with you.

I prefer my classes to be down to earth, friendly and fun. I don't often use Sanskrit names for poses for example, because I feel it alienates those new to the practice and frankly sounds a bit elitist and errs on cultural appropriation if you're not careful. Some people prefer a more traditional, serious yoga style and there's totally room for all of it! Yoga is for everybody and so many think this transformative practice is not for them because they don't look like the instagram pictures!

If you can't (and frankly don't want to!) stand on your head or contort yourself into impossible shapes, if your house is in chaos and you're drowning under six loads of washing, have a small person repeatedly asking you for snacks and just need a BREAK!!! Come join us! This is the class for you.

We have a couple of spaces left in our six week course with retreats and other offerings in the pipeline soon! If you're curious about yoga and how it can help your physical and mental wellbeing come and give it a try! Come as you are (yes, even in your PJs!) and feel welcomed and free of judgement.

We'll be focusing on calming the nervous system with gentle yoga, moving with ease through simple flowing postures.

Suitable for all ages and life stages, this class aims to promote overall mind body wellbeing. You'll leave feeling calm, yet rejuvenated! No yoga experience needed.

Starts Tuesday 14th November, 7pm @bettynoirstudios Hollyhill road, Cinderford, Gloucestershire.

Find out more about our yoga classes here.

Book the six week course here.

Book one class here.


"Gemma's classes are unique. Free from jargon, relaxed and friendly. Yoga for people who don't like yoga".

You can follow Gemma @balanceme_wellbeing on instagram or search for Balance Me Wellbeing on facebook.

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