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"Exploring the Signs of Spring: Our Holiday Workshops"

It was so lovely to spend time in the woodland as the first signs of spring are tentatively appearing. The lesser celandine slowly unfurls its vibrant yellow petals, and the woodland anemone grows in the dappled shade amongst the majestic oaks. The children were, as always, full of life and excited to be outside exploring the site. We welcomed many returning faces, and some new ones!

Many children relished the free play, building dens and making fishing rods, bows, and arrows. The more inquisitive and studious ones enjoyed discussions on how our ancestors survived: hunting and gathering, and how we could achieve this today?

It is always inspiring to facilitate the curiosity and resilience of children who obviously thrive on nature connection and risky play!

We hold space, a grounding embrace to hold the children, and ourselves, amongst nature's gifts.

If you would like to sign your children up for our summer sessions, please look out for our upcoming dates.

Namaste and spring blessings to you,

The HARE Team

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