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Our Forest School Sites


Our main site is a fenced woodland which he hire from 1st Royal Forest Scouts in Parkend.  The Address is Beaver Lodge, Whitecroft Road, Parkend, Lydney, Gloucestershire, GL15 4HG.  This site is Ofsted Registered.


The site is accessed from a gate to the left of the path up to the lodge.  The woodland consists mainly of mature oak trees, along with a few other species, Ash, Beech and Hawthorn.  There is a stream running along the edge of the woodland, where we have spotted trout and crayfish.  We have a fire circle made from logs and boards, with a boundaried fire pit.  We set up craft stations, mud kitchen and other activities within the woodland.  We often set up shelters, a slack line dens and/or a hammock.

2023-08-09 17.18.00.jpg
2023-08-11 11.50.34.jpg
2023-08-09 12.46.07.jpg
2023-08-07 11.06.56.jpg
Photo of the woodland with the sun shining through the trees, catching the sun rays in the smoke from the fire.
2023-08-09 14.49.57.jpg
2023-08-10 13.33.05.jpg
2023-06-19 10.57.46.jpg
Screen Shot 2023-08-07 at 7.03.26 pm.png


We are currently developing a second site near Mitcheldean, Gloucestershire called Horsepool Bottom Nature Reserve, on Jubilee road.  It is a larger site than Parkend, and we will have sole use, enabling us to run groups at times the Scouts are using the Beaver Lodge, such as school holidays, weekend and after school.

The site is a mixture of mature trees including oaks and hazel.  There is also an abundance of plants such as daffodils, wild garlic, and brambles.

We will be ready to open in late Spring 2024.  Come back to find out more here.  If you're not on our mailing list, subscribe to hear when the site opens.

2024-03-23 14.40.39.jpg
2024-03-23 16.59.44.jpg
2024-03-23 18.47.31.jpg
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