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Play at Forest School


So much fun!!

But nowadays so underrated.

Play is an important part of development in a child’s life. In fact most child development theorists would argue that free play and exploration is HOW children learn.

At HARE CIC free play will be an integral part of Forest School sessions.

Being outside enables us to take part in physical activity. Through movement we develop coordination and balancing skills (adults and children alike!).

Free playing in a woodland environment can also promote emotional regulation. Listening to the breeze through the trees, watching a beetle meander across the ground or making faces out of mud and twigs can bring a profound sense of relaxation and a sense of calm. Again, not just for the little people!

Being outdoors provides so many opportunities for learning through play. For example building dens! Even now as I walk through the forest here I cannot help but smile with delight when I come across the branch-like structure of a den. I know that a child has been here and has had fun with nature! It's in our DNA!

Climbing on logs, creeping through the woodland, playing sleeping bear, these are all fun activities that enhance confidence and positive wellbeing.

At HARE CIC we support the wellbeing of families, and we hope, through providing opportunities for connection with others through engagement with nature, crafts and mindfulness that each person leaves our sessions feeling nurtured, relaxed and regenerated!

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