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Synchronicity with the Seasons

It feels like there is a synchronicity between the evolving of HARE CIC and the beginnings of Spring.

The idea for HARE CIC formed in the darkest days of winter, when friends sat around a kitchen table drinking tea.

We chatted about how fulfilling it would be to create something that helped strengthen connections between family and community. How to nurture those connections to facilitate a sense of happiness, and wellbeing.

As friends we knew we shared the same values, of love, kindness, gratitude, reciprocity and integrity. It is these words we shared on that cold November day that are the guiding principles of HARE CIC.

As the Winter is turning into Spring and the days are getting warmer and lighter, we are nearly ready to begin our journey with you. Like snowdrops and croci, ready to burst through the soil and begin our new path into the Spring light. Already intricately woven with our connections of friends and family who wish us well.

We welcome you to join us on our adventure! and thank you for coming along on our journey.

Spring Blessings,

Susie, Charlie, Tanya, Georgie

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