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Forest School For Grown Ups!

By Jess Savery, our Forest School Student Volunteer.

Go Wild Forest School, who I'm currently training with, ran a small gathering for all Forest School leaders and those in training a couple of weekends ago. There was storytelling round the fire, stick balancing, morning yoga and discussions of wheel of the year.

We got to experience advanced tarp and den building, fire lighting by friction and with flint and steel as well as a sound walk through the woods, listening to bird sounds on a picnic gramophone and a good old forage for some fantastic fungi.

It was an amazing space to share skills and ideas and it was really magical for us to be able to go to Forest School rather than lead it!

We're all continually learning as we go through life and it was good to feel how fun the Forest School ethos can make the learning process.

I loved meeting inspirational people all working with different groups but with the same common goal to inspire a love of nature.


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