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Susie and Georgie Inspire Young Gardeners at St John's Primary School

This week, St John's Primary School in Coleford, Forest of Dean, welcomed Susie and Georgie for a special gardening session with a small group of enthusiastic young gardeners. The duo spent the morning helping the children weed the beds in their quiet area, transforming it into an inviting space for growing fruit and vegetables.

The session was more than just about gardening; Susie and Georgie engaged the children in lively conversations about their favourite fruits and vegetables, encouraging them to think about what they like to eat and where their food comes from. This interactive discussion was a fantastic way to get the kids excited about healthy eating.

In addition to gardening, Susie and Georgie organised sensory games that delighted the children, helping them to engage with their environment through touch, smell, and sight. These activities not only made learning fun but also underscored the importance of being in nature and the enrichment to personal well being it offers.

The group came together to make a plan for what they would like to grow and see in the quiet space. The children shared their ideas enthusiastically, suggesting a variety of fruits, vegetables, and flowers they would love to cultivate. This collaborative planning session not only empowered the children to take ownership of their gardening project but also fostered a sense of teamwork and creativity.

Throughout the day, the benefits of healthy eating and spending time in nature were emphasised. Susie and Georgie shared insights on how these practices can boost mental health, fostering a sense of well-being and happiness. The children left the session excited about attending next week, eager to continue their gardening journey and see their plans come to life.

This initiative highlights the importance of community involvement in education and the value of teaching young people about the joys and benefits of growing their own food. St John's Primary School looks forward to more sessions like this, nurturing the next generation of gardeners and healthy eaters.

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