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Tanya has over 20 years experience supporting projects across multiple industries; from retail customer service to not-for-profit organisations. Her areas of expertise are project support, administration, marketing, graphic design, website design, creative arts, and adult tuition. She is passionate about the environment and culture, and believes in the power of creativity for strengthening communities, improving wellbeing through self expression and connection.

She is currently expanding her skills in storytelling; creatively through writing and performance, and more formally through data analytics and visualisation.

Past career highlights include: 

Find out more about her knowledge, skills and experience by visiting her LinkedIn profile and her website


Originally from Frimley in Surrey, Tanya was raised an expat in Holland, then Belgium until her teens when her family returned to the UK. In 2008 she received a Bachelor’s degree in Animation Arts from the University for the Creative Arts. She moved to North Devon after graduating and began working as a freelance creative. In 2011 she began scuba diving with BSAC, and became an Assistant Diving Instructor in 2013. She is Enhanced DBS certified with adults and children.

Since moving to the Forest of Dean in 2019 Tanya has been learning about the area's history and culture, as well as researching her own roots. Recent events have spurred her to transition her creative practice to more sustainable ways of working. She is developing her garden at home with her two young children, looking to increase biodiversity, learn about permaculture, and follow a forest garden method taught by Martin Crawford. She loves to explore wild places, go surfing, loves learning and spends a lot of time reading real, dog-eared, musty and wonderful books.

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