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Pregnant Woman Staying Fit

Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy yoga can be relaxing or it can be energising and strengthening. All classes are suitable for beginners, intermediate or advanced yogis. Keeping a strong level of fitness during pregnancy will support you during birth and in your postnatal recovery.

For information about class times and dates please go to our 'Weekly Classes' page.  Follow our Instagram account for offers and other information.

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Restorative Yoga

My 'Restorative Yoga for Mums & Mums-to-be' class is a relaxing and restorative yoga class, to relieve stress and tension and improve sleep.

One to One

One to one yoga classes are tailored to your individual needs and stage of pregnancy.  Feel free to get in touch to discuss.

Pregnant Woman Practicing Yoga

Weekly Drop in Class

A weekly prenatal yoga class available to book as a one off. Yoga designed specifically for all stages of pregnancy.

Yoga Pose

4 Week Course

A course of weekly themed  prenatal yoga classes, which build on learning from previous weeks. Supporting you to commit to your health and well-being. 

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Pregnancy Yoga FAQs

Why practice yoga during pregnancy?

Practicing yoga during pregnancy is a great way to stay fit and healthy, reduce stress and tension and build a connection with your baby before birth.


A regular yoga practice during pregnancy can support you with many common pregnancy symptoms such as increasing physical comfort, aleviating feelings of nausea, headches or fatigue. It can also prepare your body for birth, including building strength in positions which may be beneficial during birth.  Evidence shows that practicing mindful yoga during pregnancy can significantly reduce pain and discomfort during pregnancy, partucularly when begun early in pregnancy.

Why pregnancy yoga rather than a general yoga class?

During pregnancy, a hormone called relaxin is produced to allow the ligaments in the hips to open in preparation for birth.  However, this hormone can loosen all joints.  Therefore, it is important to undertake exercise which is specifically designed for pregnancy.  Pregnancy yoga also takes into account the fact that your abdomen is larger and that your abdomen and breasts may feel tender (especially during early pregnancy).  The poses and sequences are specifically designed to accommodate the pregnant body.  Some classes are specifically designed for morning sickness or heartburn. Another great benefit of specific pregancy calsses, is that you will meet other parents who will have children of a similar age.  Some people form lifelong friendships during this time.

Why do you use props for prenatal yoga?

During pregnancy it is important not to push your body as this could cause injury.  We use props during our classes to support us to get into and hold poses.  We use blocks to support us in poses, blankets to protect our knees and to help us feel more comfortable and a bolster is great for support in yin style poses and meditations.  If you don't have yoga blocks or a bolster, you can substitute blocks for books and the bolster for sturdy cushions or pillows.  It can also be helpful to have a sturdy chair nearby or to practice near a wall to support you with balance.

Are there stages of pregnancy in which I shouldn't practice yoga?

Our prenatal yoga classes are suitable for all stages of pregnancy.  However, if you are experiencing any discomfort, morning sickness or common pregnancy discomforts, you may feel that it is not the right time for exercise.  You may feel that you would prefer to choose our yin style pregnancy relaxation classes until you are feeling better.  Or you may wish to practice a full pregnancy yoga class to see if this helps to aleviate your symptoms.  Listen to your body and do what feels right for you.  It's okay to relax and rest as well as to focus on your fitness.  Being healthy is a balance of rest and exercise.

Is yoga during pregnancy safe?

If you have been practicing yoga regularly prior to becoming pregnant, you may be able to continue initially with your current practice.  If you have not done any or much yoga previously, you can begin prenatal yoga during pregnancy.  Various options will be offered for each pose.  Please listen to your body during classes and don't do anything that feels uncomfortbale, painful or not right for your body.  If the options offered don't appear to be working for your body, please speak to the class teacher who will be happy to discuss this with you and offer other options.  Please ensure that you seek advice from your GP, Midwife or assigned medical practitioner prior to undertaking any new physical activity. 

Can I continue after birth?

The first few weeks after birth (often called the postnatal or postpartum period) is a great time for rest and relaxation.  It is important to rest and allow your body time to heal, to take time to nurture yourself and your new family.  During this time we offer 1:1 meditation and relaxation live online classes.  When you feel ready to begin exercising, we offer postnatal yoga classes, baby and me yoga classes and baby massage.

Our postnatal classes are designed specifically to support you after birth.  Read more on our postnatal yoga page.


If you have any queries or questions that aren't answered in our FAQ above, please get in touch and we will be happy to help.

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