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Women's Health
& Fertility

Our women's health and fertility yoga classes are specifically designed to align with the female menstrual cycle.  We have classes for women who want to understand more about their cycle and align their yoga practice.  We also have classes for women who are planning to concieve.

What is yoga for women's health & fertility?

How is it different from other types of yoga class?

Our yoga classes for women's health and yoga classes for fertility are both designed around our understanding of the female cycle.

Women experience around 500 periods throughout their lifetime.  In much the same way that each year has seasons, our bodies are changing each week through each part of our menstrual cycle. Our cycle has four distinct phases.  Each part of our cycle is characterised by differet experiences, levels of energy and mixes of hormones.

Yoga for Women's Health

Our live online one to one yoga for women's health courses are designed around your menstrual cycle and your individual needs.  Our classes are attuned to each specific stage of your cycle and how you feel.

Yoga for Fertility or Conception

Our live online one to one yoga for fertility course is similar to our yoga for women's health course, aligning your practice with your cycle.  However, the focus is on your plans to convieve.  Using techniques such as breath awareness, visualisations, meditation and deep relaxation, we can support you to process and release, stress, anxiety and tension, all of which can have a negative impact on fertility.  We will listen without judgement and allow space for you to process emotions.  Our classes will help you to maintiain appropriate levels of physical activity. 

Sitting Meditation

Yoga for Women's Health

A live online one to one course of yoga classes designed to align with your cycle and connect to your feminine power. 

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Yoga for fertility

A live online one to one course of yoga classes specifically designed to meet your needs when planning to concieve.

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