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Parenting a Toddler

In addition to my Doula and birth educator services, I offer a package of live online one to one coaching, to support you through the toddler stage.

6 x 1 hour live online coaching, tailored to the individual needs of your family and your parenting style.
Includes bonus private parent & toddler yoga class, live online, in the convenience of your own home.   Parent and toddler yoga classes can also be booked seperately.  See below for further info.

Kid Playing with Bubble
Week 1: Getting to know you

Our first session will focus on getting to know your family's needs and how you would like me to support your parenting style.

Week 2: Tantrums and Behaviour

This session will focus in more detail on typical toddler behaviours and offers information to support your choices in how to manage toddler behaviours.

Week 3: Toddler Development

This session will focus on typical toddler development, including socail, emotional, the types of behaviours to expect and how you can support their development.

Week 4: Sleep, Food and Routines

This session will be focused on how mch sleep and food toddlers need, common concers and options for how to manage them.

Week 5: Toddler and Family Activities

This session will focus on stage appropriate play and learning, how to keep your toddler occupied and activities for your toddler and your whole family will love.

Week 6: How Mindfulness Develops Communication & Patience

In this session we will learn simple mindfulness techniques you can use to help develop patience and how the language we use effects our child's response to us and our response to them.

Toddler & Me Yoga

Toddler & Me Yoga is a fun yoga class for you and your toddler to enjoy together.  Classes incorporate yoga excercises, singing, actions and movement.  Helping you to stay active while enjoying quality time with your toddler.


Everyone is welcome, even if you haven't given birth.  This class can also be a fantastic way to meet other parents who have children of a similar age.

Classes are live online, small group sessions of 45 minutes, via Zoom.  See our 'Weekly Classes' page for information on dates and times.

Pregnancy Yoga
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