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Do you need help to manage your child's behaviour or emotional difficulties?

This service works with children who:

Are experiencing behaviour management or sleep difficulties

Have experienced trauma

Are in foster care

Have been adopted

We offer one-to-one yoga therapy to help children learn techniques to regulate their emotions and process trauma, enabling them to become calm, relaxed and happy.

This service is offered by Charlie:

"During my years working in teaching and in Children's Social Care, I witnessed first hand the difficulties families often have in accessing appropriate support for children who are suffering from a wide range of emotional, behavioural and mental health difficulties.  These may include bereavement, illness, witnessing domestic abuse, living in foster care, being adopted, or being victim of abuse.  Often children are in 'fight or flight mode' due to their experiences and feel unsafe, even when they're not.

I often felt frustrated that children were not offered the tools to process their experiences and manage their behaviour and emotions.  This inspired me to undertake further training as a Children's Yoga Teacher, to enable me to teach these skills myself.

I now combine this training and my years of practicing yoga and mindfulness myself, with my experience and training working in Social Care and Montessori Teaching.  This enables me to offer a unique child-led approach to healing from trauma.  My approach builds on my learning in psychology, neuroscience, child development, therapeutic parenting and trauma informed practice".

Our aim is to provide a service which teaches children the tools they need to  regulate their emotions, in a fun and interactive way.  This enables them to sleep better and manage their behaviour, bringing a sense of peace and transforming children's lives.

Trauma may manifest in a wide variety of ways.  These may include:

Anxiety, depression and mental health issues.

Issues with sleep.

Behaviour difficulties.

Unexplained stomach aches or headaches.

Difficulties in school, and/or with school work.

Difficulty concentrating.

Zoning out or appearing detached.

Difficulty sitting still.

Lack of interest in peers or activities.

Compulsive behaviours.

Self-soothing behaviours such as chewing or sucking clothes.

Pulling out hair.


Pounding heart or lightheadedness.


Addictive behaviours.

Children will learn techniques to de-stress and climb out of the 'fight or flight' mode, bringing a sense of peace and enabling children to begin to feel safe.  In time, as children feel more secure they will begin to 'rewire' their brain to a mode of safety and peace.

Yoga Therapy can improve your child's focus and concentration, build their self-esteem, self-worth, develop emotional self-regulation and will release tension.  We will give feedback to parents and discuss the teachniques to support you in supporting your child.


1 hour live online one-to-one session £65.00 / $80.00 USD 

Book 4 sessions for £240 / $297

In person home visit

1 hour one-to-one session £65.00 + milege

Book 4 sessions for £240 + mileage

Area covered: Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Shropshire, Birmingham, South-East wales.

Please get in touch below to discuss your requirements and book an appointment.

Children's Yoga Therapy: Offerings


Yoga Alliance 95 Hour RCYT Children's Yoga Teacher

Level 3 Diploma in Mindfulness for Children

Adverse Childhood Experiences & Trauma Informed Practice

PACE Communication Technique (Didactic Developmental Psychotherapy)

Non-Violent Communication (Technique by Psychologist Marshall B. Rosenberg) also called compassionate communication

Montessori Teacher (Primary)

Level 3 NVQ in Children's Care Learning & Development.

Public Liability Insurance

Enhanced DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) Certificate

Paediatric First Aid Training

Safeguarding Training

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